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The Best Underrated Movies From The 1940s

“What are the best Underrated 1950s Movies?” We looked at 56 of the top Underrated 1950s films, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!

The top 5 films, all appearing on 2 or more “Best Underrated 1950s” movie lists, are ranked below by how many times they appear. The remaining 50+ movies, as well as the sources we used, are in alphabetical order on the bottom of the page.

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Top 5 Best Underrated 1950s Movies Ever Made

5 .) Larceny, Inc. (1942) directed by Lloyd Bacon

Larceny, Inc. (1942)

Lists It Appears On:

  • Netflix
  • Paul Ford

A hoodlum tries to go legit to buy a dog tract but needs investment money which he plans to get by robbing a bank, tunning in from a neighboring luggage shop. He takes over the luggage shop but is thwarted by its unexpected success.

4 .) My Name Is Julia Ross (1945) directed by Joseph H. Lewis

My Name Is Julia Ross (1945)

Lists It Appears On:

  • Film Inquiry
  • Paul Ford

A woman finds herself entrenched in a murder cover-up when she goes to work for a wealthy widow.

3 .) Reign of Terror (1949) directed by Anthony Mann

Reign of Terror (1949)

Lists It Appears On:

  • Film Inquiry
  • IMDB

The French Revolution, 1794. The Marquis de Lafayette asks Charles D’Aubigny to infiltrate the Jacobin Party to overthrow Maximilian Robespierre, who, after gaining supreme power and establishing a reign of terror ruled by death, now intends to become the dictator of France.

2 .) The Dark Corner (1946) directed by Henry Hathaway

The Dark Corner (1946)

Lists It Appears On:

  • Film Inquiry
  • Paul Ford

Ex con turned private investigator Bradford Galt suspects someone is following him and maybe even trying to kill him. With the assistance of his spunky secretary, Kathleen Stewart, he dives deep into a mystery in search of answers.

1 .) The Undying Monster (1942) directed by John Brahm

The Undying Monster (1942)

Lists It Appears On:

  • IMDB
  • Netflix

A werewolf prowls around at night but only kills certain members of one family. It seems like just a coincidence but the investigating Inspector soon finds out that this tradition has gone on for generations and tries to find a link between the werewolf and the family, leading to a frightening conclusion.


The 50+ Additional Best Underrated 1950s Films


# Movies Lists
6 A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969) Quora
7 A Tale of Two Cities (1958) Quora
8 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) Paul Ford
9 Among the Living IMDB
10 Blackout IMDB
11 Born To Kill (1947) Film Inquiry
12 Brighton Rock (1947) Quora
13 Carnival of Sinners IMDB
14 Dark Waters IMDB
15 Daughter of Darkness IMDB
16 Deadline at Dawn IMDB
17 Et Dieu… créa la femme (1956) Quora
18 Fallen Angel (1945) Film Inquiry
19 First Comes Courage IMDB
20 Hangover Square (1945) Film Inquiry
21 I Wake Up Screaming (1941) Film Inquiry
22 I Want to Live! (1958) Quora
23 Ieri, oggi, domani (1963) Quora
24 La piscine (1969) Quora
25 La vache et le prisonnier (1959) Quora
26 Le corniaud (1965) Quora
27 MAN HUNT (1941 Netflix
28 Paris – When It Sizzles (1964) Quora
29 Peyton Place (1957) Quora
30 Phantom Lady (1944) Film Inquiry
31 Phantom of the Opera (1943) Quora
32 Ride The Pink Horse (1947) Film Inquiry
33 Road House (1948) Film Inquiry
34 Strangers in the Night IMDB
35 TENSION (1949 Netflix
36 The Amazing Mr. X IMDB
37 The Big Clock (1948) Film Inquiry
38 The Big Steal (1949) Film Inquiry
39 The Glass Key (1942) Quora
40 The Importance of Being Earnest (1952) Quora
41 The Lost Moment IMDB
42 The Mask of Dimitrios IMDB
43 The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) Paul Ford
44 The Scarlet Claw (1944) Paul Ford
45 The Set-Up (1949) Paul Ford
46 The Seventh Victim (1943) Paul Ford
47 The Verdict IMDB
48 The Web (1947) Film Inquiry
49 The Woman On The Beach (1947) Film Inquiry
51 They Drive by Night (1940) Paul Ford
52 They Won’t Believe Me (1947) Film Inquiry
53 Three Strangers IMDB
54 Unfaithfully Yours (1948) Paul Ford
55 Vacation from Marriage IMDB
56 Viaggio in Italia (1954) Quora



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