Movie Recommendations: Roger Ebert – 1986

(Our recommendation pages are all of the 4-5 star movies reviewed by a select group of critics/personalities. Roger Ebert and the other critics are not associated with Cinema Dailies in any way.)

No real introduction needed here. We mostly wanted to include Roger Ebert in our critics list for two reasons. The first, because he was a great critic with a big heart who had a wide-ranging list of favorite movies we thought would be interesting to include as a comparison to our newer list of mostly younger critics. The second, because we wanted the recommended list of movies to stretch back further than the 1980s. Only a few of our other critics have reviews that stretch back further than the last few decades, but Ebert has 4-star (his highest rating) that stretch back to 1914. This was very helpful because it filled in a few gaps we had for our yearly lists of Recommended Movies that include all 11 critics.
We only used publicly available 4 & 5 star reviews for each reviewer and as a result there are sure to be movies we missed, especially as you navigate later than the last 10 years or so. We will update periodically (see our Recently Added Recommendations Page) for the newest movies/reviews added. For a full list of reviewers and critics picks all together, visit our Movie Recommendation Home Page.

Roger Ebert Additional 4-5 Star Rated Movies

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Roger Ebert Additional 4-5 Star Rated Movies

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