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(Our recommendation pages are all of the 4-5 star movies reviewed by a select group of critics/personalities.)

We are not paid movie critics, but decided to include our four and five star movies as well just for fun. We love most movies we watch and don’t really need to think about a family of 6 paying $100 to go to a theater when we recommend something like a professional critic might, resulting in a few more dumb-fun favs being included. Currently we are working on a bigger project where we are watching or rewatching older classics, so we left out most of the movies we haven’t watched in the last few years or so and will fill in as we watch/rewatch them over time. You can follow along with us on Letterboxd for more immediate updates to our favorites lists.
We will update periodically (see our Recently Added Recommendations Page) for the newest movies/reviews added. For a full list of reviewers and critics picks all together, visit our Movie Recommendation Home Page.

Cinema Dailies 4-5 Star Rated Movies

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Cinema Dailies 4-5 Star Rated Movies

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